ASIT is one of the leading Organizations in the United States of America, which is working on the development of vocational education and training systems in all areas, with the best available expertise to achieve the maximum quality standards, with the participation of education and training institutions worldwide.

  • ASIT is accredited by European Organization for Quality Management, EOQM is an organization working to enhance the standards of quality around the world www.eoqm.uk
  • ASIT is registered in the united States government - State of Wyoming.
  • ASIT is an OSHAuthozird Member & Certified

Exclusive agent

In the Middle East - Visit website

Arab International for Training and Consulting has been approved as the exclusive agent in the Middle East, To provide the products and services of the Institute to customers, and the completion of the accreditation procedures for educational institutions and trainers.


Our Mission

American Organization for Science and Technology seeks to create partnerships around the world with educational organizations and vocational training institutions to support the overall objectives of spreading education and vocational training and the provision of high quality training programs.

We work in a spirit of innovation and creativity to develop and deploy new educational programs and training to meet the needs of the labor market and benefit the students.

Our services aim to promote and develop education and vocational training for students who want to further study and learn practical knowledge of the various functions and all professional sectors.

Our Vision

American Organization for Science and Technology seeks to provide the best educational services, as well as meet all the changing needs of students in order to qualify them to fill all the jobs through education.

We aspire to be our leadership in:

  • The development of functional capabilities of workers in all jobs in the public and private sectors. 
  • Build multiple strategic partnerships with educational institutions around the world
  • The development of education and training systems to meet the continuing needs of the labor market.
  • Achieve quality in education and the provision of innovative models for accreditation and certification

Our Goals

Implementation of high quality training programs to achieve the goals and aspirations of professional students. As well as providing educational opportunities that are in line with reality and the needs of students in various countries around the world.

Work on the implementation of training programs that are compatible with the needs of the labor market, and help students to fill suitable jobs for them in the public sector and the private sector.


ASIT American institution, 1603 Capitol Ave., Suite #310 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
1603 Capitol Ave., Suite #310 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001